Grandparents and Grandchildren Keep In Touch is a European project co-funded by Lifelong Learning Programme under GRUNDTVIG Multilateral projects.
Lifelong Learning Programme is managed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) and it supports learning opportunities from childhood to old age in every single life situation through different programmes.
Grundtvig Multilateral Projects are undertaken by institutions/organisations from different participating countries working together, pooling knowledge and experience, in order to achieve concrete and innovative results/products, like courses aimed at enhancing the quality of the provision, with indisputable European value. These projects also seek to strengthen the European dimension in the field of adult learning.

The GRANKIT project attempts to explore the relationship developing between the first and the third generation of members of different European families through the provision of ICT opportunities for learning. 

The project will involve a large number of grandparents and grandchildren from the participating countries. Grandparents who might be educated (but not necessarily computer literated) will be trained with the involvement of their grandchildren to acquire basic ICT skills. The skills will enable them communicate with their grandchildren by using social network groups with the aim to provide support, guidance and help to their grandchildren, while at the same time reducing inactiveness, isolation and loneliness and become active citizens who can have access to the electronic world.

If I wasn’t a high tech grandfather, I wouldn’t have a life. The internet is sometimes my only way to the real world.

I thank God for all these technological innovations which have given me back my self-esteem.

It’s fantastic! Even at the age of 83 I am still alive and still learning. I have an e-mail account, a Facebook, I can use the internet and the Skype.