EuroEd is a non- profit organization set up in 1992 and located in Iasi, Romania. It delivers services to all age categories and developed a series of programmes, including language courses (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Romanian), international training courses for language teachers. EuroEd’s relevant experience lies with co-ordinating and participating in EU funded projects, as well as strategies and methodologies of cooperation at local, regional, national and trans-national level. In addition, EuroEd coordinated and implemented over 25 national and international educational projects (educational management, teacher training, professional development of various categories of professionals etc) since 1995. It is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of Labour and is part of the national educational system in the Life Long Learning section. It is a member of the Quest Association which is an associate member of Equals.

EuroEd received 4 international awards in the last 5 years for the quality of its projects: 3 European Label Awards and a Worldaware distinction. Two of the projects led by EuroEd were selected by the EU Commission as examples of best practices in its collection called LINGO.


Contact person: Dr. Anca Colibaba