The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is the largest private university in Cyprus with some 180 full-time faculty and 90 part time in a variety of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in education, special education, computer science, engineering, business, communications, and multimedia. The School of Education employs 22 full-time faculty and 32 part time while it offers degrees in Primary and Pre-primary Education, and Master’s degrees in Education, Educational Administration and Special/Inclusive Education and a PhD in Education. It has links with several pre-primary and k-12 schools with which it collaborates on several projects. UNIC’s degree programmes are accredited by the Cyprus Government, the NCA of USA and some European Accrediting Bodies. It currently has over 5000 students enrolled and around 28% of its student population are non-Cypriots, something which makes it a multicultural institution where diversity and pluralism are valued

The School of Education at the University of Nicosia has extensive experience participating and coordinating EU funded projects. The School of Education has strong expertise in various areas of education such as special education, technology based learning, inclusive education, school improvement, social inclusion, distance education, research and evaluation. In the recent years great interest has been shown in lifelong education, in distance learning and in developing various tools for e-learning. Considering its expertise the University of Nicosia can successfully coordinate the project thus ensuring efficiency and quality in the implementation of the project.


Contact person: Dr. Panayiotis Angelides