The project will involve a large number of grandparents and grandchildren from the four European countries (Cyprus, Germany, Greece and Romania). Grandparents who might be educated (but not necessarily computer literated) will be trained with the involvement of their grandchildren to acquire basic ICT skills. The skills will enable them to communicate with their grandchildren by using social network groups with the aim to provide support, guidance and help to their grandchildren, while at the same time reducing inactiveness, isolation and loneliness and become active citizens who can have access to the electronic world.

Grundtvig Multilateral Projects provide the opportunities of European cooperation in order to join experiences and expertise to develop innovative courses and products that will enhance the quality of education provision by various organisations. In doing so, the Project will provide accessibility to learning opportunities to a group of adults reluctant to engage in lifelong learning (senior citizens-grandparents) which will be based on their current needs and skills. The uniqueness of this project is the development of an innovative platform which will have no limitations and boundaries.